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For all types of companies worldwide, the internet is a treasure trove of opportunities. To your gain, harness its strength. Establish your digital presence today and explore your business potential with the website design services of Smartlinks SEO Company. We have you covered, from website design and growth to search engine optimization (SEO) and site maintenance!
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Showcase Your Thought Leadership Brand with Strong Web Design

It is vital to remain linked with your customers and prospects in today's digital world to leverage new opportunities and grow your business. Statistics indicate that about 4.57 billion people worldwide, representing 59 percent of the world's population, are active internet users. Inside this online group 53 percent collect information before engaging with a brand to ensure they make the right decision.

A research by Episerver also showed that 92% of customers visit the website of a company with various purposes other than purchasing.

These include analysis on products/services, comparison shopping and market review. This data proves that customers do not buy on impulse. 

Custom Web Design Services
Given the vast global marketplace, it is only fair for online shoppers to evaluate and compare brands to find the best available products, prices and features.

You automatically miss the ability without a web presence to get in touch with your target audience and popularize your brand. Create customer trust with an interactive, custom web page design and gain industry referrals.

Superior Web Design Represents 
Your company and Increases Your Business

Creating a digital presence does not necessarily mean creating a website and waiting for the brand to be approached by clients. Your website is the online base of your firm. It acts as the main touchpoint and conversion machine for clients. As such, you have to guarantee that it ranks high in search engines, stands out from the competition and corresponds to the intentions of your guests.

Statistics show that 94% of first impressions are influenced by website design and navigation. Websites with responsive web design and well organized web content are often preferred by search engines. What's more, 75% of the reputation of the site comes from the nature of the web page.

As a business owner, to cater to search engines and online users, it is important that you maintain a sensitive website design. When they search for your company online, you must ensure that your target customers see a legitimate business platform. Otherwise, you risk losing faith and dissuading your prospective customers from communicating with your brand.

Invest in responsive website design and develop faith and trust in the offerings of your company. Our website design company offers web design services that are SEO-friendly and aim to increase your search results, increase your online presence and turn page visitors into paying customers.

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Schedule a consultation today with our company and let us help you develop a web page design that drives professional traffic and improves your conversion rate.

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Why Your Business Needs Responsive Web Design

Future-Proof and Boost Mobile Traffic on your Website
Still on the fence about building your website or improving the design of your current website? You need responsive website design to promote your brand and build a strong digital presence in this dynamic marketplace, no matter whether you own a company or a large enterprise.

In order to attract more website visitors and optimize their conversion opportunities, many organizations have embraced responsive web design today. However, despite its increasing popularity, many businesses still opt for static web page design. Don't crash after the game. Capitalize on customized website design services and provide your target consumers with the best possible online experience

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There are approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, studies reveal. An eMarketer survey also found that in Canada, adults spend an average of 2 hours and 55 minutes per day on their mobile devices. With mobile usage across various locations and age groups growing in prevalence, it is imperative that you customize your current web design to appeal to a wide range of internet users.

eCommerce Marketing Services

Every computer has a range of different screen sizes. As such it is important to be able to adjust your web page design to any screen size today or in the future. With responsive website design, you can ensure your website reacts to consumer needs and the capabilities of the devices they are using.

Here are more reasons why the web design services offered by Smartlinks are worth your investment:

Increase Search Rankings

As measures of a website's worth, search engines consider site speed, accessibility and web content. In branded and unbranded searches, SEO-optimized websites with a responsive web design increase. With the aid of our WordPress website design business, you will ensure that your site adheres to the criteria for search engines and obtains strong usability ratings.

Get Found Online

As the ultimate alternative for internet users, mobile web browsing has exceeded the laptop. The information from Comscore showed that 70% of the overall digital media time in the U.S. is spent on smartphones. Invest in our design services for the WordPress website and get a responsive website that offers online users a positive experience regardless of the platform.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

You only need one version of your website with a responsive website design, which is designed for all devices. It removes the time-consuming coding process for different systems and streamlines the production and maintenance of your site. More significantly, mobile responsive web page design reduces the web creation and maintenance costs.

Optimize Page Experience

Six out of 10 shoppers indicate that in brand selection, the mobile shopping functionality of a website is important. With 30 percent of Google searches carried out on mobile phones, it is imperative to have a responsive website design to achieve online success. The website design services of Smartlinks WordPress are designed to provide a supportive, engaging mobile experience for your page visitors.

Gain More Leads and Traffic

An eMarketer survey found that 69 percent of customers use their smartphones to conduct product analysis. 52.6 percent of global web traffic that comes from mobile devices accounts for this community. Our web design company positions faith signals on your website and optimizes it into a lead generation machine for smartphone and browser usability.

Push More Conversions

The global retail conversion rate on mobile devices is 1.82 trillion, according to Smart Insights. Capitalize on web design services for WordPress to increase the mobile-friendliness of your site and improve your conversion rate. In addition to bringing your consumers to the sales funnel, responsive web design complements the social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising strategies as well.

Improve Brand Reputation

Enhanced user experience increases the credibility of the brand and increases online morale. A Smart Insights research study found that when a smooth mobile experience is provided, 65 percent of consumers have a better business perspective. You don't have to think about your website's readability and navigability with a responsive web page template. With user-friendly site design, our WordPress web design services build and strengthen your company identity.

How Responsive Web Design Improves the Experience of Users

Improve the Efficiency of your Site and Build Unrivalled Brand Engagement
It is not necessary to overemphasize the essential role of responsive web design in enhancing the user experience. Responsive website design provides a consistent experience across various screen resolutions. It removes redundant elements of the page and offers a better online experience for users.Capitalizing on WordPress web design services gives you an advantage, whether you're a company owner or a marketer.

Core Web Vitals, a series of new metrics that measure the speed and real-time user experience of websites, was recently launched by Google. To assess a website's page experience ratings, these parameters will be applied to its existing signals. The Core Web Vitals will also be part of an upgrade to the core Google algorithm (effective March 2021) that offers a new way to assess and rate sites based on the page experience they provide.

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The design services of Smartlinks WordPress website concentrate on optimizing your website for user experience and achieving long-term success. Our WordPress web design agency ensures that every portion of Google's Core Web Vitals is checked off by your website:
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We are 101 percent dedicated to your digital success at Smartlinks SEO Company. You can expect a search engine-friendly web design that works across platforms, engages page visitors and showcases your exclusive brand identity with our website design agency.
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Web Design Experts at WordPress

Build a customized website that represents your brand
The share of the WordPress market is the highest worldwide by far. Statistics indicate that 59.4% of all websites use WordPress as a content management system globally (CMS). WordPress powers almost 35 percent of the internet and is also responsible every six months for the additional 1.1 million domain registrations.

Given WordPress's user-friendly and easy-to-update CMS, these numbers are not shocking. You can log in to your website with WordPress and make immediate modifications. To help website owners build a smooth user experience, it also provides various plugins, support and protection solutions.

Establish a stable digital platform and zoom in with our WordPress website design services before the competition. Working closely with your project managers, our WordPress website design agency ensures that every aspect of your website aligns with your specific branding and objectives. To provide you with WordPress web design services that suit your needs and specifications, we remain aware of the latest trends and industry innovations.
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This is what you can expect when you partner with our web design agency for WordPress: 
  • Thorough WordPress web design process
  • Experts in WordPress website design
  • Specialist frontend designers
  • Website efficiency evaluations
  • Client-centered project management
  • Detailed campaign reports
  • Comprehensive campaign reports
Contact our web design team today and get in touch with our experts on WordPress.

Custom Solutions for Web Design

Build your authentic brand identity with a custom website
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At Smartlinks, we spend time and effort creating web designs for WordPress that complement your unique brand and fit the needs of your particular audience. Template designs and pre-packaged graphics are not used by our WordPress web design company. To define your unique selling points (USPs) and evaluate your website's specific conversion path, we conduct in-depth site analysis, competitor benchmarking and audience analysis.

Our custom web design services for WordPress allow you to:
  • Build your market authority
  • Protect your brand
  • Showcase your individual value propositions
  • Create positive brand association
  • Offer a personalized brand experience
  • Improve your website's scalability
  • Reduce the construction and management expenses of your website
  • Increase your site's long-term profitability
The website design and development experts at Smartlinks ensure that your site navigation, and brand message capture the attention of viewers and encourage them to explore your site.

What Can You Expect From Smartlinks Web Design Services?

Content Writing

Keep your website up to date with exclusive, informative and industry-related data that answers the needs and concerns of your customers. Our WordPress web design company comprises a team of experts in content creation who build strategies for data-driven web content. Partner with us and let us help you optimize the content of your website for search engines and users online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Invest in SEO-optimized website design services to make sure that search engines can crawl and index your website without a bug. Our WordPress web design company optimizes your web content, writes descriptive alt image attributes, meets W3C guidelines, uses link building to make it easier for customers to find you and ensures search engine-friendly navigation of your site. In growing your search rankings, these activities are key.

Technical SEO

Improve the device-responsiveness of your website with combined solutions for technological SEO and WordPress web design. Our team performs domain audits, runs crawl error reports, optimizes the page speed, tests broken links and optimizes your mobile website. For search engine spiders and online users, we make sure all the web pages are organized.

Website Maintenance

To ensure your website is running at full capacity, daily site maintenance is important. We perform scheduled site checkup and maintenance and gap analysis at Smartlinks to identify the key aspects of your website that need enhancement. Using the results of analytics, we build strategies to strengthen the security of your site, increase your traffic and optimize your page experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

With assistance from our WordPress website design firm, move the page visitors to the bottom of the sales funnel. Our team optimizes the speed of your web, removes unnecessary fields of type, places simple calls to action (CTAs) and simplifies the navigation of your website. To ensure all aspects of your website are configured for conversion, we also conduct A/B testing.

Website Analysis

To assess the conversion opportunities, risks, vulnerabilities and strengths of your website, our WordPress web design company conducts comprehensive site analysis. We run SEO audits, conduct competitor analysis, monitor your site speed and functionality and analyze your site traffic. These techniques allow us to enhance the usability of your site and increase your site interaction and conversions.

eCommerce Web Design

Studies show that, due to poor user experience, 88 percent of online shoppers would abandon a website and never return. Don't let your online stores make this happen. Take advantage of the solutions offered with Smartlinks eCommerce web design and create a good first impression on your future customers. We customize your product pages, keep your web design easy and professional, make your content scannable and use high-quality images.

Logo Design

The logo of your business acts as a point of recognition for consumers and a vital base for your branding. Get a custom logo design that transmits the identity, professionalism and trustworthiness of your company. At Smartlinks, at a competitive price, we provide logo design development and logo redesign services.

ADA Compliant Web Design

To ensure that the website provides people with disabilities with the best possible online experience, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act Requirements for Accessible Design is essential. Take a positive approach to web design and allow all internet users to have access to your website. In order to ensure the website is ADA compliant, our WordPress web design company provides video captions and audio descriptions, offers various navigation choices and adheres to all guidelines.

Website Hosting

Increase the loading efficiency of your website and boost its protection with the web hosting services of Smartlinks. We offer a wide range of hosting plans that fit your requirements and financial ability. WordPress hosting, Linux services, cloud storage plans and 24/7 customer support are included in our website hosting packages. To keep your domains safe and stable, we also provide access to comprehensive domain management software.

Shopify Web Design

Ready for your online store to launch? To get a stable and SEO-optimized Shopify web page template adapted to your branding, call us now. To ensure your Shopify website adjusts to every screen size and platform, our web design agency uses CSS media queries. Visual clutter is also reduced, non-essential widgets deleted, high-resolution images placed and web content written that represents your individuality.

5 Expert Web Design Essentials

Our years of website building experience have taught us that we need the following ingredients to create a superior website for our customers that places them above the competition:
web design tips
1. Visual Appeal

You've just got one opportunity to make a perfect first impression. Are the visitors to your site saying WOW! Oh, or OUCH!? When they first see your site?When they see your website, people make immediate decisions about the reputation of your company, brand and goods. As a company owner, you must ensure that your web design catches the interest of your target audience and entices them to explore your website.

2. Ease of Use

Your customers would go elsewhere if your website can't be easily navigated and your useful content can't be easily identified. Don't let the situation be like this. We work hard at Smartlinks to prepare and create intuitive, quick and easy websites to navigate. We want our users to know that where they want it to be, all is right.

3. High-Quality, Optimized Content

Buying a car without an engine is like investing in beautiful website design and neglecting the content. With simple CTAs, a superior website has persuasive and succinct content. Our website design experts work closely with you when you work with us to ensure that the content of your site is well-written, search engine-optimized and developed with specific business goals in mind.

4. Visitor Conversion into Customer

We assess what a 'conversion' or CTA looks like for your website early on in the planning process. It may be sending a lead form, making a telephone call, or purchasing a product. For the entire process from design and coding to content writing, we then hold the purpose in mind. We want your website to be the primary tool for growth in your business.

5. Over time Traffic Growth

We want to see your new website at Smartlinks climb to the next level. We need plenty of quality traffic to do that. Our web design agency for WordPress works with you to create an ongoing web marketing strategy that includes SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

Services for Web Design that Provide Positive Results

Online Full-Service Platforms to Drive Profitability

We not only create personalized website design at Smartlinks specific to your company and special customer needs. As a WordPress website design company that is client-centered, we want you to be involved in every step of the project.You should anticipate that when you build a site with us you will be getting:

Direct contact with Experts in WordPress

To discuss your project specifications, our web design company schedules daily meetings and discussions with your team. This includes the strategy of web design, criteria for design, budget specifics, job scope and timeline. Our meetings are conducted via video conferencing for the convenience of our customers.

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Studies indicate that 52% of all internet usage in Canada is carried out on mobile devices. We ensure your website looks and works great on any screen size to respond to the changing online behavior of customers and Google's mobile-first algorithm update. More importantly, to help users find the information they want and turn them into clients, we provide simple CTAs on your website.

Client-Focused Processes

You have the final say on the course of your web design project as a company owner. We appoint a dedicated team of project managers to work with you to review the web process, to set goals, to address any questions and to ensure that you are fully aware of the construction of your site. Our team is also following the approval process for the plan, design, content and launch of your site.

SEO-Optimized Website

When you partner with us with SEO best practices in mind, you get an SEO-optimized website designed from scratch. We build a website that communicates the message of your business with all the important data on your goods, services and culture of the company. Using conversion-optimized website design methodology and advanced user interfaces that drive your visitors to action, our team also ensures your website drives leads.

Heavy Customer Focus

Our design team for WordPress websites create a personalized method to suit your needs. Of course we know that schedules can be hectic at times, so if you want to be totally or just slightly active, we can work with you. Our design company for the WordPress website is fully dedicated to your success online.Trust us with the utmost commitment to handle all your needs.

Total Web Design Services

Get a visually pleasing, easy-to-use, streamlined, mobile-friendly custom web design that turns visitors into clients and promotes development over time. To build a website with advanced features, such as eCommerce, password-protected content, forums and event registrations, we leverage our digital marketing expertise. You name it, we're able to build it. We also offer content writing services, using SEO-friendly best practices, that create your brand, tell your story and attract traffic.

Smartlinks SEO Company is a web design and development agency headquartered in Niagara, ON that provides web design services to clients in Ontario and across Canada and the United States.

Website Design services in Ontario: St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Niagara-on-the-lake, Fonthill, Grimsby, Fort Erie, Beamsville, Thorold, Port Colborne, Crystal Beach and all areas across Niagara, ON.

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