Online Reputation Management

Your Online Reputation Can Boost Your Business' Brand


Is your online reputation damaging your business?

Businesses and brands that earn only one or two stars on websites such as Yelp or Google are at the risk of losing 86% of their prospects

A field of digital marketing that should be taken seriously is online reputation management. All it takes, sadly, is one disgruntled consumer to adversely affect the online image of your company

Managing Your Online Reputation is Important

Online Reputation Management

Your bottom line can be boosted by a strong online credibility

•  Before making a purchase, close to 95% of shoppers read online reviews - Spiegel Research Center

•  Unless they have read reviews, 72 percent of customers do not take action - Testimonial Engine .

• Consumers are more likely to purchase the item with more feedback, provided two items with similar scores. -the Bazaarvoice

The process of getting (and reacting to) feedback is significant

•  Up to 80% of reviews come from follow-up emails that encourage shoppers to review their purchases.

•  After emailing customers a direct link to send feedback, brands should expect their average star rating to increase - Spiegel Research Center-

• 41% of consumers claim that brands reacting to feedback making them believe that their customers are very concerned about the business - Bazaarvoice

Online Reputation Management services

Even poor reviews can have a beneficial effect.

•  To help them make a decision, 82% of shoppers read negative feedback - Power Reviews.

• 92% of consumers find it difficult or reluctant to purchase an item without feedback - Fan and Fuel

• If there are no poor ratings, 95% of customers become wary of fake reviews - Revoo

Digital Marketing and Online Reputation Management Services

Extend Past Generating Positive Customer Reviews
More than most brands know, customer reviews influence business performance. Statistics indicate that the purchase decisions of 97% of customers are affected by online reviews. Prioritize reputation management and review response publishing and create trust with your clients.

Digital marketing is viewed by many organizations as a set-and-forget way to create an online identity. Online marketing, however, involves more than launching campaigns for local search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. Even if you have a comprehensive digital marketing plan in place, if you don't communicate consistently with your clients, you still run the risk of growing your customer turnover by 15 percent. Moreover, unless you respond to customer feedback, no matter how many followers you have on social media, your followers will only see you as a business page looking to gain money.

Creating a Positive Online Reputation With Smartlinks

Fix Your Online Reputation

Smartlinks Offers Reputation Management Solution

Track and Manage Your Online Reviews With Smartlinks

If you own, run or manage a business, then you have probably received a negative review from an unhappy client. An unhappy customer has been encountered from time to time by even the most respectable organizations.

While shrugging this off can be easy for successful companies, they are often shocked to learn just how detrimental even one customer's negative review can be to their online credibility.

If it was genuine or a hoax, if you have obtained a negative review online, this can be irritating, worrisome, and you might even feel violated and/or helpless.

You can however, improve your average scores on review websites around the web by using online reputation management tools.

Here are some of the ways that Smartlinks Internet Marketing Agency can assist with online reputation management and get your company more 5-star Google reviews:
Online Reputation Repair: By digging at where they come from and coming up with a solution to fix them, our team of in-house online reputation marketing professionals will help repair and minimize harm from negative feedback.

Online Reputation Monitoring: Smartlinks will collaborate with our Reviews experts on your behalf to set up a monitoring program and alert you to new reviews, whether positive or negative, so that you always know where your online reputation stands.

Online Review Management: To help drive fresh, constructive feedback, our team also develops and implements an automated process and framework. Our systems are truthful and honest; we don't believe in paid reviews.

Reputation Management Software: Online marketing of reputation requires the promotion of positive and attractive content and also the monitoring of the online community's open content and knowledge. The marketing of attractive content enables your organization to influence and position itself as a strong market leader.

We are a business that offers outcomes for Internet Reputation Management

At Smartlinks, by promoting positive feedback and also restoring their brand names, we are dedicated and committed to helping companies develop brand recognition and reputation.

The online credibility of your company is important, so make sure you work with an online reputation management firm that is dedicated to making a difference. Contact us to learn more.
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