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What is eCommerce optimization?

Simply put, it’s converting more visitors into paying customers. By tailoring the navigation, design, colors, product descriptions, page structure and several other factors, we can get more clients to buy from you - increasing your conversion rate.

However, conversion rate optimization is a complex process due to the dozens if not 100s of factors involved. And you cannot tell what factors you have to change without a detailed and professional CRO audit.

Good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. We have 10+ years of experience in SEO, web design, and improving conversion rate through the roof to drive more sales. We put our knowledge and tools at your disposal to take your eCom business to new heights.

Why Should You Care?

Perhaps you still don’t have an eCommerce business - because you have an offline business and you might be wondering, why should I invest in this service? Here you have a big and sounding reason:

71% of buyers are confident they will find a better deal online than offline.

Think about the many clients you’re losing due to not being online. Just imagine the number of clients who’re visiting your shop just to choose an online store over you because they believe they have better deals.

And imagine how many clients you could get from your competitors since only 28% of US and Canadian small businesses are selling their products online.

You’re smart enough to see why you need our service - because it’s exactly what you need to grow your business. Contact us to make it happen!

eCommerce optimization

Work with eCommerce Optimization Experts to Grow Your Business

We will build or optimize your website to turn more visitors into clients. By using our advanced and time-tested strategies, you will catch your market’s attention to generate more sales.

Here is a sample of all the eCommerce methods and techniques we will use to grow your business:
  • SEO Services: To rank your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Site Layout and Structure: To bring your visitors a website that is easy and simple to navigate as well as optimal for SEO
  • Extensive Keyword Research: To find the keywords that your target customers are searching for
  • Total Content Optimization: To speak to your audience in their language to sell more and to rank higher on search engines
  • PPC Management and Strategies: To drive paid traffic to your website to generate more sales (you can start seeing results from day #1)
  • Effective Call to Actions: Our copywriting experts will craft perfect Call to Actions that your customers want to read to buy from you.
And we will let you see how your investment is paying off in every monthly report. Here’s what is included:
  • Full Google Analytics Reports to check the activity on your website.
  • A complete report of the keywords your website is ranking for.
  • Full details of the work we’re doing on your website, along with the hours used.
  • A monthly video from our eCommerce optimization specialist who will review, in real-time, the performance of your website and how it’s evolving.
  • Private consultations with your designated eCommerce optimization specialist via phone or email - to solve your questions or to let us know your ideas.
Why Should You Take Action Right Now?

Because, according to the latest reports, there will be 2.14 billion online shoppers by 2021. And you better get ready for it because if you don’t, then your competitors will gladly take advantage of this opportunity.

With the custom eCommerce website we will create for you, you’ll be able to seize this opportunity to grow your business. By reaching more customers than ever before - without barriers!

Are you still in doubt? Here you have more reasons to take action right now.

The Proof is in the eCommerce Statistics

Did you know that eCommerce sales will account for more than 13.7% of all sales made around the world? Long gone are the days when eCommerce was just a curiosity, now it’s a necessity. And the projection for 2021 is set at 17% of all sales made worldwide.

Will you neglect your business this massive opportunity? You’re smart enough to see why you should take action right now. Break down the limitations of brick n´mortar stores and start selling without frontiers to grow your business to new heights!

But to seize this opportunity, you need the right ship to surf the wave - and that’s a custom and optimized eCommerce website.

You Need a Custom and Optimized eCommerce Website Design

Being online isn’t enough - you need to catch your target market’s attention, and to achieve it, they need to find you online. And you’ll achieve it with the custom and optimized eCommerce website we will create for you to bring your business an optimal conversion rate.

And you’ll stand out from your competition that is full of generic, soulless, and outdated stores that don’t speak to your target market. You’ll take the sales they lose because your store will be in tune with your visitors, to inspire confidence that will lead them to buy from you.

From choosing the preferred colors by your audience to the perfect website structure, navigation, and tone of the content - you’ll get exactly what you need to win more business.

Why You Should Hire a Company Specialized in eCommerce Optimization

Simply put, because you need a team that has actual experience building websites that stand out and sell. We’re specialized in WordPress + WooCommerce or hosted solutions such as Shopify. We’ll explain to you what the most convenient solution for your business is.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to purchase your own web hosting and manage the eCommerce store yourself, or if you prefer an all-included hosted solution like Shopify, working with a team of specialists will increase your chances of success.

Here you have the main benefits of working with a company specialized in custom website design for eCommerce:

  • Professional Assessment, to evaluate the current situation of your website and how you can sell more by conveying your messages, products, services and offers better
  • Mobile-Friendly Websites to Sell to Mobile Shoppers, because with over 5 billion mobile users, you need a responsive website to sell to more customers
  • Modern & Selling Design, because you need a website design that looks good and actually delivers results - that’s what we do, web designs that speak to your customers in their language to generate more sales
Be it that you want to dive into a new and exotic niche or into a highly competitive but profitable industry, it’s important to see why you should consider investing into an eCommerce platform for your business.

With the optimal eCommerce website design and setup, you’ll increase your online reach to catch your target market’s attention. You’ll get more users who are ready to know more about your products/services, and of course, buy from your store.

Are you ready to know more about our eCommerce optimization services?

Contact us now to receive your free quote and action plan to grow your business!

Why Should You Choose Smartlinks SEO Company?

Because we have years of experience delivering results to existing and new eCommerce businesses. We can increase your reach and profits with our custom and time-tested strategies - contact us now to grow your eCommerce business to new heights!

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