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Amazon Content

Adding the Final Touch Through Enhanced Videos, Images and Text
Attracting customers to your Amazon product and brand pages is merely half the battle. Once the customers arrive at your page, the next step is impressing them enough to have them spending their money.

Buying decisions are often influenced by A+ Content, using multimedia to better express the value of your products. By using A+ Content correctly, you will improve your conversion rates, which will make your items even more visually attractive. In order to boost the products of sellers, Smartlinks uses validated A+ Content techniques as part of its detailed Amazon marketing services (AMS). 
You must first become a professional seller by acquiring a trademark and being approved as a brand owner through the Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) process to take advantage of Amazon's A+ content. Our experts from AMS Amazon help consumers navigate the ABR process and apply for a trademark that can take up to six to nine months to accept.
Amazon A+ Content is all of the brand being sold. A+ Content mainly appears at the bottom of every page of Amazon products. It's a place where you can talk about your business, your dedication to excellence, the quality of your products and how they are made, your facilities and tell customers about your method, including your unique brand story. With the use of enhanced images and quality content, our AMS Amazon professionals help you make the most of this site. 

We are working with you through our Amazon seller consultation to outline a strategy to help you get the most out of your A+ content and SEO for your Amazon store. Targeted keywords are used in descriptive text on your product pages by our AMS Amazon experts. The critical components of your A+ content are high-quality photos, a professional logo and comparison charts.
In order to better reflect your brand, we have an in-house picture, video and design team working with you to create a logo, comparison charts and the high-resolution photos you may need. There are also a variety of words that you can't use in the content of your A+. Our AMS Amazon experts ensure that you are aligned to the standards of Amazon so that you do not face a potential suspension of the account that can derail your sales.

We audit your listings and guide you through the steps to optimize your A+ Marketing efforts as part of our Amazon account management for customers.Our Amazon experts from AMS help direct you through Amazon A+ content that is all about the process and products of your business. A+ Content enables brand owners to alter branded Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) details of products. A+ Content will help your company improve traffic, achieve higher conversion rates and, eventually sell more if used the correct way. 
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Amazon EBC Design and Development

We Take Amazon Legacy Sellers to the Next Level
We collaborate with legacy sellers from Amazon who have already used Amazon Enhanced Brand Material. In 2016, Amazon EBC was introduced to sellers and became known in 2018 as Amazon A+ Content. Our Amazon experts inspect your existing text, images and videos from Amazon EBC and work with you to find ways to enhance the content. Doesn't your Amazon EBC result in more conversions and higher sales? Why not? To improve your A+ content and enhance your Amazon seller SEO, we use in-depth research and our tried-and-true tactics. We ensure that your Amazon EBC is up-to-date for branded sellers with the new A+ Content standards and specifications.

We also ensure that your competitors obey all the rules as part of our Amazon account management and do not infringe your copyrights by selling your goods illegally. Our Amazon listing service system monitors and sends automated removal requests through Buy Box leech removals. If required, this process will lead to legal action, and our Amazon experts will have tools to help you through that process. We help defend your company and brand against leech scams from Amazon.

Your Amazon Sales Are About to Grow

What will create long-term business for you is developing a premium, unforgettable brand. A brand needs to be set up and marketed by every Amazon seller who develops a long-term plan. Your aim is to build a company that really relates to your clients, generating consumer loyalty for returning sales and continued success in life.
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Amazon Storefront

Take Advantage of This Platform to Showcase Your Small Business
Amazon launched a way for small and medium-sized companies to succeed on the world's largest search engine for eCommerce in 2018. An optional, independent section for sellers to showcase their small businesses is Amazon Storefront. For Canadian-based firms, Amazon Storefront features a number of product categories. We help you overcome your rivals through our Amazon Storefront SEO techniques.
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This platform helps you to take advantage of advertising for endorsed brands instead of using ads for sponsored goods only. Another great advantage of Amazon Storefront is that you have a captive audience because it doesn't show the rivals on the list alongside you.

Ads for sponsored goods have higher conversion rates than ads for sponsored brands, but both are run by smart customers. We market your brand in a way that takes full advantage of our efforts at Amazon SEO as well as from the perspective of customer experience. Our SEO efforts at Amazon Storefront offer you a direct chance to point someone to a product page full of your branded products.

As part of our consulting services for Amazon sellers, we will build your Amazon Storefront for you. There is some design versatility in your Amazon Storefront, so we work with you to develop a custom design that fits best with the amount of your product offerings to help optimize your SEO in the Amazon store. We align with your business objectives as part of our Amazon listing services and our Amazon seller SEO activities to determine the best way to highlight and view your goods.

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Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Our Expedited Programs Boost Your Profit and Raise Your Exposure
Getting your goods listed on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank list is one way to boost your profit margin. Anyone who earns Amazon BSR status will likely benefit quite well from the exposure.

In order to reflect recent and historical sales, the Amazon Best Seller estimate is based on Amazon sales and updated hourly. But according to Amazon, among similar products, it does not always mean how well an item is selling. Amazon established best selling lists with categories and subcategories to show the rank of an item within such segmented areas to make it stand out.

As part of Smartlinks' Amazon account management, our Amazon experts use personalized tactics — like Amazon store search engine optimization — to help the company get up and running quickly. We have accelerated services that can take clients within their first 30 days from invisible to BSR Amazon status. If you have an opportunity to become an Amazon #1 Best Seller is determined by your sales.

Of course, Amazon BSR status will not be achieved by all. We can't guarantee that for any client. But our Amazon seller advisory team creates a custom plan for your company. that boosts the SEO of your Amazon store and offers you a stronger opportunity to beat your competition and hit the top.

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