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As our world becomes ever more mobile, a presence on is becoming essential for connecting with audiences looking for products. To boost Amazon sales for your products it is imperative that an effective SEO presence is in place to make your items come up in search for your ideal markets. Amazon deliveries are happening constantly these days and for good reason. Amazon is dominating the Canadian retail eCommerce sales. For businesses seeking to improve their bottom line, the benefits of Amazon SEO are crystal clear. Working with an Amazon SEO company that transcends Amazon SEO services is a key ingredient in making that work.
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Amazon SEO Services

From Beginning to End, We Handle All of Your Amazon Listing Optimization
Partnering with Smartlinks, an Amazon Marketing Company, to manage and optimize your Amazon listings you are guaranteed the following:


Seller Account Setup

Our Amazon SEO team will set up your account, your products and your inbound shipping plan. We make sure your account is ready to commence selling products.


Seller Brand Setup

We register your brand with Amazon to ensure you’re eligible for A+ branded content and your trademarked product will be protected.


Amazon Account Audit

Our Amazon SEO team reviews your existing account to give feedback and build a new strategy based on how you are currently ranking. We offer new keyword suggestions, clean up and optimize current content listings, update categories and fix all errors.


Competitor Research

By utilizing our top of the line keyword research tools we are able to fully understand your competitors’ BSR Amazon ranking strategy. Our Amazon SEO team can help to find product gaps and opportunities, and provide MSRP price recommendations.


Amazon Listing Optimization

Our team of Amazon SEO specialists write unique product descriptions, optimize titles and content that entice shoppers to make purchases. We will add high-quality photos and videos to your Amazon optimized listings.


Amazon Review Strategies

At Smartlinks we have specialists with years of experience with Amazon selling. We design a five-star review strategy to help you cross the daunting “no-review” threshold.


Ongoing Optimizations

By continuing to find keyword opportunities we can increase the number and optimize the price, headlines and product descriptions for each project. We continue this process until we have perfected it.


Amazon PPC Services

Our Amazon advertising PPC experts shall manage and continually work on improving the performance of your Amazon sponsored ads in order to get you buys from automatic, manual and social sources with high ROI and low ACoS.


Buy Box Management

There are sycophants waiting to try to steal your products and take your ratings. Not everyone on Amazon is out for your success. Our Amazon SEO team knows how to deal with such individuals and you can rest assured that your brand’s authenticity will be guarded.

Benefits From Using Smartlinks Amazon SEO Services include:

• Utilizing of our full-service Amazon marketing services to their full extent

• Having optimized Amazon descriptions that get found by your target audience

• Avoiding terms with no relevance to your Amazon products

• Avoiding terms with no relevance to your Amazon products

• Helping get more five-star reviews to boost your Amazon (BSR) ranking

• Write the utmost Amazon listings possible

• Having the knowledge of which 5-10 keywords in the specification section work best for your specific Amazon products’ success

• Understanding what works best for you to ensure that satisfaction and retention become a part of every purchase

• Maximizing your Amazon Storefront and branding through Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).
The Amazon SEO services at Smartlinks focus on some of the most important aspects and zero in on the level of relevancy. Our Amazon optimization services focus on the specifications of your products in clear and precise order, which plays a pivotal role in boosting your rank on Amazon and raising your conversion rate.
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Your Amazon SEO Experts

Amazon Optimization Service Offered
Since 2013, Smartlinks has grown from a small town digital marketing company to one that works with clients worldwide. A part of the reason for this is due to our ability to deliver work that increases Amazon sales.

Our clients are comfortable with the knowledge that we have made ourselves Amazon experts that are able to translate that expertise into a bottom line that excels. Smartlinks Amazon listing optimization services will guarantee that you remain ahead of your competition.
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