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Producing Relevant Advertising Campaigns to Help You Sell More and Worry Less


Amazon Sponsored Products Management

By Using Precise Advertising to Boost Your Amazon Profit Margin
Before throwing your hard-won money at Amazon advertising, you should first know that it is a difficult process. Specifically, Amazon sponsored products advertising must be done with a well thought out plan.
A great deal of customers have hired Smartlinks for its Amazon PPC services after having attempted to do it on their own with a wistful guess. What that resulted in was them costing themselves too much money with little to no return on investment.

Some of the Steps Our Amazon PPC Team Takes to Remove Guess Work From the Equation:
  • We assist you with realizing achievable goals
  • We determine a concise strategy that lines up with your specific business needs
  • We set out to increase your ROI whilst decreasing your advertising cost of sales (ACoS)
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What Are Amazon Sponsored Products Ads?

After helping your business with Amazon listing optimization, keyword research, registering your brand and filing for a trademark, you can move onto the next step: advertising. One option is sponsored products, a cost-per-click (CPC) option. When you use Amazon CPC you only pay when a shopper clicks your ad. You are able to set your budget and control how much you spend, while also choosing how much to bid on each click.

Both the first page search results and on product pages will display Amazon sponsored products ads. This will put you right next to competitors and accentuates the priority that is well-optimized product descriptions and images paired with a proper pricing strategy.

There are both automatic and manual campaigns in our Amazon sponsored products management. Both keyword-based ads, as well as product attribution targets are used within automatic and manual campaigns. Initially with our Amazon advertising services, we set you up with an automatic sponsored ad campaign. From there we use the results to see where adjustments should be made for a manual campaign. This enables your keyword-based sponsored ads to include broad matches, exact matches, and phrase matching. In order to carry this out efficiently you cannot take a shot in the dark. By utilizing our experience, tools and tactics, you can ensure you will get the most ROI.

How We Keep You Up to Speed

Part of our plan for Amazon marketing includes giving you a complete picture of how we will carry out your successful advertising campaign both weekly and monthly. We set monthly growth percentage goals and completely explain our strategy every step of the way. We will make determined adjustments monthly to ensure we amplify ROI. We will send weekly and monthly reports to you in order to ensure you are frequently updated.

A crucial key that determines your success on Amazon is a success is a prosperous Amazon sponsored products campaign.

Amazon Sponsored Brands Management

It’s Time to Take Your Amazon Advertising to the Next Level
After establishing yourself on Amazon, it is time to promote your brand. By using custom messaging, (which includes your brand logo) you are able to display your products the way you want them seen. Amazon sponsored brands will help to grow your brand awareness with ads that appear in search results.

Your products will be boasted without any competition in order to promote your brand, making Amazon sponsored brands ads the third step.The timing and delivery of Amazon sponsored brands ads can make a world of difference in turning a one-time customer into a lifelong customer.

Being a new company on Amazon you aren’t likely to want to use sponsored brands ads right away. In time you would need to use Amazon branded advertising (particularly near holidays) to help familiarize customers with your offers and promote product loyalty.

The Amazon PPC specialists can help customers - both new and existing - establish realistic expectations with their Amazon advertising campaigns. Part of our Amazon PPC management is assembling strategic marketing plans to accomplish those goals.In the process we adjust strategies based upon data and analytics to either achieve or exceed your expectations. We word alongside you to ascertain we are lined up with your unique business needs.
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Amazon Product Display Ads

Our PPC and Social Media Experts Add Value to Your Marketing Budget
As previously mentioned, Smartlinks assists with your internal Amazon advertising options, but also with external options such as Amazon product display ads.

Part of our Amazon PPC options involve us working with eCommerce clients to set up advertising campaigns with Google Ads or Youtube, or social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.
We have many PPC advertising specialists and social media advertising experts at Smartlinks at your disposal to work closely with our Amazon team of specialists to ascertain you receive the most effective ads to get the most conversions and return on investment.

We can assist you with running coupon ads of opt-in campaigns for a percentage off in order to help bring about more Amazon sales. We are accomplished at using Facebook Messenger ads, which are rapidly increasing in popularity as they start message-based conversations with potential customers and are viewed as more personal, thus driving up a higher conversion rate. Part of our Amazon PPC management involves helping you set up and send off email campaigns offering products to existing customers, which is an after-sale process that can help to double your customer value for that individual.

We assist with setting a marketing budget that best directs your resources for both internal and external advertising options. Doing this while pushing sales to Amazon is the most profitable way to succeed online, even while selling products or services online is not new. Smartlinks has years of experience delivering high ROI and low ACoS.

The new Amazon Attribution model allows brands to explore the impact of display ads, search and video channels based upon how consumers find, research and purchase their products. We will help you use sales impact analysis throughout non-Amazon media channels in order to help you see where your leads originate and enable you to adjust your advertising budget accordingly. This is a huge advantage toward helping you maximize your marketing budget.

Amazon Video Ads

Get the Attention of Mobile Purchasers to Boost Engagement and Sales
In order to run a prosperous eCommerce business you must indulge mobile users. Any digital marketing strategy you have must also involve ways to reach people thumbing their way through web pages on their mobile phones. You must catch the attention of a mobile buyer and keep it. Nothing keeps customers better engaged than video ads, which is vital in trying to appeal to a younger audience.
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Our Amazon marketing team helps you determine your target audience and shows how video ads are able to deliver the highest ROI. We will work with you to create absolutely effective video ads and what offers ought to be in order to push the highest number of people from videos to sales on Amazon.

Our Amazon specialists can help to save you a great deal of time, expense and frustration by creating high-quality photos of your products and interconnected lifestyle images that will boost sales and brand recognition. Taking photographs of your products can pause your progress, but we have external vendor options and in-house photography to deliver high-resolution, optimized images quickly. We know what is required to make your images stand out to all Amazon buyers.

Upon completion of Amazon brand registry you are able to take advantage of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, which is commonly referred to as A+ content. This includes use of those high-quality images and videos. We will also assist you with enhancing your product descriptions.

Amazon Vendor Central Management

Boost Your Bulk Sales Through an Impactful Amazon Advertising Campaign..
As an accomplished Amazon PPC team, we can help clients who want to wholesale their products to Amazon. You want to be a first-party seller acting as a supplier by selling in bulk to Amazon? Benefit from our Amazon marketing team’s resources and tools that will assist you in getting the most ROI.

We create a specific Amazon advertising campaign in order to promote your sales of bulk products. We will also assist you in understanding the fees connected to being an Amazon Vendor Central customer and how best to navigate the minimum advertised price (MAP) contracts. We will meet with sellers to help them explore the Amazon Vendor Central environment, including knowing the true cost of goods sold, the real marketing costs and true MAP contract relationships. Smartlinks can watch and enforce the MAP policy on Amazon.
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Amazon AI Advertising Management

We Make Quicker, More Intelligent Decisions Through Computer Science
Smartlinks uses a proprietary Amazon Artificial Intelligence advertising management system with clients who have a minimum of 90 days of sales history on Amazon. After 90 days we can add clients into our Amazon AI advertising management system to ascertain you get the most out of your ad campaigns and marketing budget.
By using Amazon AI we are able to get the most observant second pair of eyes on your advertising campaigns. This allows you both the substantial benefit that is Smartlinks’ human expertise and experience as well as the latest state-of-the-art AI input. By giving you both options, our Amazon services are the best in the business.
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