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Amazon Account Management

We Make the Most of Your Amazon Budget to Ensure You Get the Most ROI
You need a competitive edge to reach the millions of people buying on Amazon. You don’t want to waste money selling on Amazon whilst your products remain buried and unpurchased. You already know that Amazon dominates the Canadian retail eCommerce market. How will you become a part of it? How do you start? How do you display your product as a cut above the rest?

Our professional team of Amazon specialists assist you to create a unique strategy in order to maximize your budget. By working with an Amazon team you will see proven results are key to getting the most ROI for your marketing for Amazon.
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Amazon Listing Optimization

We Enhance Your Amazon Product Descriptions and Images
From start to finish we will cover all our bases to drive up your organic rankings and sales. A great deal of Amazon product listings aren’t optimized properly, which leaves a lot of potential revenue on the table for you. Our Amazon specialists ensure you’re reaching maximum ROI from the get go. Our team will:
  • Optimizes your images and content
  • Ensure your product is prominently displayed in the proper category
  • Within that category, we perform keyword research to determine which words or phrases to focus on in order to find the most profitable and drive the most organic rankings.
  • It gives you relevant descriptions to boost conversion rates
  • Works within Amazon’s 200-character limit to maximize your titles with proper keywords and language that turns clicks into purchases
  • Ensures your photos are high-level, professional images that are sized correctly and displayed appropriately to push sales through your marketing efforts.
  • Pricing Strategy & Testing
  • Become an Amazon Best Seller in Your First 30 Days with Smartlinks

Testing and Pricing Strategy

Become an Amazon Best Seller in Your First 30 Days with Smartlinks
One of the most crucial points for a successful seller on Amazon is utilizing the correct strategies to boost your rankings, conversions and revenue. Our marketing team evaluates variables when listing a new product. Our services for marketing for Amazon include thorough competitor analysis to find the best price for your product. We will perform an Amazon audit to thoroughly examine your product costs and outline Amazon’s fees so you have a clear understanding of what you’re facing. As your Amazon team we will use this audit to determine whether or not you will be profitable on Amazon before you even spend a dime. We audit your Amazon campaign with honesty and set expectations before proceeding with your Amazon campaign so that you don’t waste any money.
amazon marketing services

Amazon Marketing Services

You do not want to change your product prices too often. This negatively affects your Amazon optimization. The better solution is to offer coupon codes for enticing discounts. Neither the cheapest nor the highest price is best. As a seasoned marketing company we work with you to find that perfect balance to boost sales and drive up profit margins. Part of our marketing services involve working closely alongside clients to prepare a sales strategy that involves:
  • Automatic campaigns for Amazon sponsored product listings
  • Manual campaigns for Amazon sponsored product listings
  • Buy One Get One (BOGO) promotions
  • Percentage coupon promotions

Your Amazon Sales Are Going to Flourish

The Amazon marketing specialists at Smartlinks can help clients find Amazon BSR (best seller rating) status within the first month of using the customized strategies created by Smartlinks to help kick start you into business.
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Amazon Catalog Organization

We Ascertain That You Are Maximizing Your Amazon Product Detail Page
Perhaps you already have an Amazon catalog. We shall consider the categories you are in and look at the parent-child variations to ensure they are properly optimized and organized. Variations are products related to one another in sets. Superb variation relationship listings assist buyers to contrast and choose products based upon different attributes like colour or size.

The catalog is in regards to the brand. When building a brand on Amazon there will be an entire catalog of goods showing up for your company. You will want to be certain that if you are pushing a brand on Amazon people will be taken to your branded area. We assist with running sponsored brand advertisements, as opposed to just product ads.

Amazon Brand Registry

Get to the Next Level with Smartlinks and Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
In order to register a brand on Amazon you must first have a trademark. Part of what we offer in our marketing services is helping clients apply for a trademark and then registering an Amazon brand. Brand registry allows sellers better control over their Amazon product listings. You will also receive powerful search tools, which help you find content in different Amazon stores. Part of how Amazon brand registry can upscale sellers is because it allows you access to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. Our Amazon branding team helps clients to use their Amazon EBC efforts to the fullest extent. Amazon EBC (or the A+ tool) allows brand owners to switch up product descriptions of branded Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). With the addition of EBC Amazon to product detail pages you can boost traffic, conversion rates and sales.

By being your trusted Amazon company we will work to be sure no competitor is violating your copyrights or illegally selling your products. Our system monitors and sends automated removal requests - and can escalate to legal action if necessary - to ensure Buy Box leech removals. This will help to protect you and your brand against Amazon leech scams.
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Amazon Suspension Appeal

Our Amazon Specialists Will Have You Selling Again In No Time
Your entire business can be brought to a standstill by a suspended Amazon account. We can help if you have received a suspension notice. Our seasoned Amazon marketing services team will guide you through the process of an Amazon suspension appeal. Let our Amazon specialists speak to Amazon account representatives on your behalf, provide necessary documentation and resolve the issue that caused you to get suspended in the first place.

We can help you avoid a suspension altogether by showing you the best practices to ensure your business is a success.

Amazon MAP and Price Monitoring

Our Amazon Company Keeps your Competitors Honest
Sellers typically have neither the time nor resources to watch and enforce their minimum advertised price (MAP) policy on Amazon. You needn’t worry as we will keep a watchful eye on that for you. Part of our marketing services include monitoring MAP prices across Amazon and alerting us if a seller drops a price too low for one reason or another. Our Amazon AMS team ascertains your brand’s MAP pricing is honoured and carried out.

Our seasoned Amazon AMS team can assist sellers with Amazon MAP agreements and negotiations. MAP contracts/agreements are key for people selling in multiple places. MAP agreements ensure your brand isn’t dampened down by anyone. If someone breaks a MAP price agreement our Amazon AMS specialists can help fix that.

A Transparent Amazon Marketing Company

Be in the Know Through Our In-Depth Reports
Our marketing team upholds integrity in every aspect of our business. Smartlinks will never bury or hide fees in our reporting. You will know each aspect of your business every day, week and month through our Amazon AMS team’s full transparency reports. With our up-front approach you will know first-hand just how our efforts are boosting your online revenue.

By using unique in-depth reporting measures we are able to always keep you informed about your business, including providing you access to an online client portal 24/7. By using visitor tracking we can assess our success and adjust where needed. Reports for our marketing services for Amazon are emailed to you consistently so that you are able to see your data online at any time.

Amazon Marketing Services

Looking for an Amazon Agency that's Primed to Deliver?

Amazon SEO

We are a full-service Amazon SEO team and we take your eCommerce business and get it up and running quickly and efficiently on Amazon. We will walk you through each step from setup to boosting your ranks and conversions. As we go along we take care of each detail: Amazon account audit, competitor analysis, keyword research and clear, understandable optimized descriptions.

Amazon Storefront

Amazon made it a precedent to keep small businesses important by introducing Amazon Storefronts back in 2018. Amazon set up a separate section to showcase small businesses and our Amazon specialists are well versed in setting up and creating an eye-catching Amazon Storefront to position your products for maximum exposure using Amazon EBC. We boost your product detail page by adding A+ content, which includes high-quality images and EBC creation to drive up your sales.

Amazon Advertising/PPC

Amazon is popular and full of sellers, which means oftentimes one must pay to be at the top. Top sellers use PPC campaigns and techniques to set themselves above the others. Our Amazon advertising specialists provide sponsored products management, sponsored brands management, product display ads, video ads, Amazon AI advertising management and Amazon Vendor Central management to help you compete.

Amazon Reporting

By updating clients regularly and showing our involvement through data analytics we are able to provide clients with monthly Amazon advertising that shows spend, return on ad spend (ROAS), advertising cost of sales (ACoS) and complete pay-per-click (PPC) data. Marketing for Amazon clients will also receive monthly Amazon business reports detailing items per sale, sales over time, reviews, customer satisfaction and Amazon listing optimization. Part of our marketing services for Amazon includes Smartlinks providing in-depth reports on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees that eradicate any hidden costs.

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