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Client Testimonials

Smartlinks SEO has really helped our business grow

After many unsuccessful attempts with other so-called "experts" from searching for SEO services.
My local business was doing well in terms of traffic but it wasn't anywhere on Google. I've been looking for an SEO specialist who can handle anything from web design to SEO and Adwords.
On Google's first page I found Smartlinks SEO Company and decided to try them. I am very happy with the progress. I've seen a substantial increase in traffic on my website organically.
Organic SEO has really helped our business grow.
Josh also helped us boost our reputation online and our conversion rates bumped up. I'm going to be a long time client of his.
Ann Butts

Great value and professional staffs

Great value and professional staff!

It's difficult to find a reliable SEO company that makes the process simple yet effective.

I would definitely recommend Smartlinks to any one looking for engaging, SEO friendly web content
Sam Hurley

I'm really happy we chose Smartlinks SEO

We worked on our website rankings for a couple of years but never showed up higher than page 3. When we asked Smartlinks SEO Company for our website's in-depth audit, Joshua came up with a report showing a lack of strong backlinks.

I was worried about their time frame and had hoped for faster results but in the end, I'm really happy we chose them. We started seeing improvements after the 3rd month using their SEO services. After 6 months traffic and ranking came up to the top. Thank you for the first-page ranking on our website
Spencer Hass

I have been impressed by the overall SEO service

I have been working for the last year with Smartlinks SEO Company and have been impressed by the overall SEO service. Josh is a pleasure to work with, extremely prompt to respond to e-mails, and has delivered results, raising our Google rankings to number one within six months for tons of keywords. Thank you, Josh.
Dennis Carr

Smartlinks team was wonderful

Joshua Allen and the Smartlinks team was wonderful to do business with for our Website. We required changes and updates to our already existing Website and Smartlinks answered our email in a timely and professional manner. They completed the work within a matter of days sometimes even on the spot when I had minor corrections before the completion of the project. I would highly recommend Mr. Allen and his team at Smartlinks for any of your Digital or Website needs.
FayAnn Guilbeault

I was lucky to have worked with Smartlinks SEO

I was lucky to have worked with Josh and his team at Smartlinks SEO Company this past year. I found them in Google by typing SEO in St. Catharines and they provided the local SEO services for exactly what I was aiming for.
Josh has several years of real internet marketing experience working with small companies like mine. He was able to provide useful insights into different marketing channels and funneling practices for my company to expand and scale.
I use Google every day and so I decided to work with the best search engine optimization company in Canada.
Not only has the company delivered impressive results, they 're totally straightforward and provide me the needed guidance. They went above and beyond to please me, too. I am happy to have met Josh and plan to stay with him for several years to come.
Tonya Bruce

Excellent company

Excellent company to partner with. The level of experience and quality provided is rare to find in the industry. They have provided support on multiple projects for us and we highly recommend them!
Kelly Shoumate

Great overall strategy and support

We needed someone who knew how to do seo for a local client. The client was in the Niagara region and we worked with Smartlinks before so we reached out.

Within two months we had our client ranking for big money terms within St. Catharines. Great overall strategy and support with our digital marketing campaign
Mike Chrest

Very helpful and trustworthy

Smartlink Solutions helped my company implement SEO with a new website that they built. I found the team to be very helpful and trustworthy. I would highly recommend this company to others looking for Internet marketing services.
Mamunur Rashid

Very professional team

Josh and his team was very professional and was able to turn my dog website into a leading regional resource for other dog owners. Thanks again!
Kiera Garber
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