3 Months to Rank an eCommerce Store: An eCommerce SEO Case Study

The Challenge:

Smartlinks SEO Company had 3 months (June-August) to get an ecom site that lost it's Organic Search positions back to where it was. TL;DR: They did.

The company originally reached out because their sales completely stopped and it was pinpointed to their organic search traffic. We didn't know the extent of the site until we were logged into their Magento dashboard. There was going to be a lot of work ahead of us. 

We've kept the clients info anonymous but we'll be sure to include details in this case study. This client has been great to work with throughout the process.  

The Solution:

Audit + Onpage SEO + Branded Link Building

We started by gathering their keywords. This is one of the most important parts of any campaign and a lot of SEOs overlook this. When you're building your list of keywords, it's important to group them by search intent, monthly volume and the level of competition of that specific keyword. For more information on Keyword Research, we recommend checking out SEO Notebook. Once we had their keywords it was time to start the audit and the technical seo aspect.

We performed a full audit of their website. It had 200,000+ indexable pages according to Screaming Frog. It had massive amounts of duplicate products, pages and variations of products. A lot of the "authority" pages were missing or empty. Titles, headers, meta description all needed to be fixed. The sitemap was an old generated sitemap with their old product urls. There was a fair amount of onpage work that needed to be completed and we hadn't even started the backlink analysis.
score of a bad site
As you can see above, it was a fair amount of work. We ended up restructuring the product pages similar to competitors in the top spots. Onpage SEO included:
  • Fixed all Titles
  • Fixed all Meta Descriptions
  • Fixed all H1/H2/H3+
  • Fixed all image sizes, alt tags, name, etc
  • Built homepage out and optimized
  • Canonicalized everything that needed to be cononical. All product variations and storeviews fixed
  • Fixed all redirects and broken links with Screaming Frog
  • Fixed all 4500 products. New urls, removed the .html in the urls. 
  • Created and added content to authority pages
  • Built out Brand pages and optimized them
  • Fixed all schema
  • Updated privacy page, terms page, warranty page and others
  • Regenerated sitemap and submitted via Google Search Console
  • Near month 2 we started building out the clients brand on high authoritive websites. (Think branded links). The client had a decent backlink profile but we wanted more branded links to balance out the other links they had. (A lot of exact match stuff). 

    The Results:

    A 900+% Increase in Organic Visibility 

    seo results
    When Google indexed the new pages it was like day and night. As you can see above, traffic and organic visibility shot straight up. This is why it's so important to do proper onpage SEO when you have a website. You can blast links at it but if your onpage and technical seo isn't up to par, you will notice it.

    If your business needs an SEO Company that knows what they're doing, contact us.

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