SEO Code of Ethics

At Smartlinks SEO Company we are committed to honesty and accountability in our work. As a company who provides digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to our clients, we continually aim to reach higher rankings, improved traffic and conversions, as well as positive return on investment for their websites. Original Code of Ethics inspired by Thrive.

Our Code of Ethics:
1: We shall continually work to boost or retain rankings, boost conversions and return on investment for our clients’ site to the best of our capability.
We shall always remain ahead of the game whilst keeping up with the ever changing search engine algorithms and changing website technologies.

2: All clients will be treated justly and without bias.
While offering services for clients in similar spaces or industries, we will do so justly and without bias. We will be assiduous as we ensure we apportion our clients’ campaign efforts evenly. Occasionally we may assign accounts being managed by separate SEO account managers and SEO specialists for a fee, but only when warranted.

3: We shall not set unachievable goals for our clients.
We shall set achievable goals and expectations for the services provided and shall not make outrageous promises. We shall be honest when discussing realistic results that can be expected and acknowledge results that cannot be expected.

4: We shall cultivate complete secrecy so as to safeguard the anonymity of our clients.
We do not reveal data about any client’s business, nor do we discuss the work or progress we do on their site, including but not limited to: lead information and occupational or intellectual property without written consent from the client. All employees at Smartlinks Digital Marketing sign written non-disclosure agreements to ensure confidentiality is protected at all times.

5: We do not participate in activities that purposely cause harm to a client’s brand or reputation.
We strive to ensure the procedures we use maintain search engine and directory guidelines. We will never knowingly use procedures or moves which are known to get sites castigated or stripped from search engine indexes or directories.

6: We will not purposely breach published regulations of search engines.
We shall continuously work to ensure we remain up-to-date on rules and guidelines of search engines. We shall act as required as soon as changes to rules and guidelines take place to ensure our client’s sites continue to be in compliance to avoid any potential violations.

7: We shall not purposely breach any governmental laws.
We shall check to ensure we are not in infringing on copyright laws or violating copyright laws. We shall maintain practices which are compliant with all applicable local, provincial and international laws and regulations of conduct for business and internet operations.

8: We shall not maliciously plagiarize and show others’ work to be our own.
We shall provide original content and designs for each client in order to avoid any possible plagiarism issues. Any content we may use that is provided by a third party shall be used with their explicit consent.

9: We shall not purposely defraud or swindle consumers or search engine crawlers.
We shall work to assure we do not misrepresent the client or purposely showcase false information on the client’s behalf either within search engine results listings, within the content on the client’s website or advertisements.

10: We shall not falsely present ourselves or our services.
We shall be honest in displaying all details of our Search Engine Optimization services, methods, skills, training, performance history, certifications, resources, schedules, and never purposely betray our clients on the details of the above.

11: We shall provide each client with sufficient dispute resolution procedures.
From the publication of the address and phone number information for our Customer Support team, to making information on the jurisdiction under any legal disputes available on request.

As professionals in the Search Engine Optimization field we solemnly swear to abide by the above mentioned SEO Code of Ethics and vow to conduct our business with the utmost integrity to ensure continued success for not only our company, but that of our clients’ businesses as well.
As Search Engine Optimization professionals we hereby vow to abide by the aforementioned SEO Code of Ethics and agree to conduct our business with full integrity to ensure the continued success of not only our company but also the success and prosperity of our clients’ businesses as well.

~ Joshua Allen
Founding Owner of Smartlinks SEO Company
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